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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bahrain Cinema and Code

Controversial movie Da Vinci Code gets it's screening at Bahrain. Dana Mall is the only cinema complex in the country showing the film and is anticipating a huge demand for tickets.

Bahrain Ministry of Information approved that movie. The movie will be shown not only in Bahrain but also in Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates

Bahrain has an estimated 140,000 Catholics from countries around the world living here and Sacred Heart Church parish Thomas Quadros and Kerala Catholic Association president Sevi Mathunny were among those to speak out against the film.

They argued it would upset people and rejected the suggestion that banning the film would affect freedom of expression.

Another controversial religious film, The Passion of Christ, was banned in Bahrain last year on the grounds that it was against Islam because it depicted a prophet (Jesus).

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Bahrain Chess Honoured

Bahrain's national chess team members, the Ayyad brothers Maher and Hussain, and Shaker Al Afoo qualified as Federation Masters at the World Chess Olympiad which concluded in Turin, Italy.

Maher and Hussain were given this title following their impressive performance at the Olympiad. Al Afoo was also given this title after his good results at the previous edition of the Olympiad in Moscow.

Bahrain team's veteran captain Ali Al Ghasra was named Candidate Master, a new title which was created at this competition.

Delegation head and Bahrain Mind Sports Association president Adel Al Asoomi dedicated this achievement to the Kingdom's leadership.

Meanwhile, the association will organise Bahrain ranking tournament for juniors aged between eight and 20 commencing on Wednesday at its premises in Muharraq. The event is part of the association's preparations to form a junior Bahrain team for the upcoming tournaments this summer.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Rich Bahrain Hotels

Tourism at Bahrain has good years. Good infrastructure and looking for tourist needs are fundamental for success. This year Bahrain Hotels Company /BHC/ reported 35% increase in net profit during the first quarter of the current year in comparison to the same period last year.

The BHC chairman said that the company has achieved $3.71 million net profits during the first quarter in 2005 /this year it is $5 million/.

For the previous year Bahrain Hotels Company (BHC), reported that earned a net profit of $10.34 million, with an increase $1.64 million, or 18.6 percent, compared with 2004.

BHC has accelerated its steps toward expanding its portfolio outside Bahrain, it hoped to acquire hotel properties in India, Abu Dhabi and Doha.

Bahrain Hotels Company was estabilishet in 1967 and owns and operates Gulf Hotel - first locally managed five star hotel in Bahrain.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Book Review - Thicker Than Oil

Interesting discussion about book from Rachel Bronson Director of Middle East Studies - Thicken Than Oil. It's not strict review but discussion about whole problems. Interesting stuff.

The U.S. and Saudi Arabia had been allies for decades before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but the relationship between the two nations came under increasing scrutiny as the U.S. shifted its focus to the threat of Islamic radicalism. Bronson examines the history of this close yet controversial relationship and the intricate foreign policy goals that have created a partnership driven by far more than the simple need for oil. "Thicker Than Oil" is also a look at the future, as the Saudi government faces opposition to its support of the U.S., and the immense challenges of this ongoing partnership lead both nations to reevaluate their roles.

Full Article At Washington Post

Who is better to talk about problems in book than an author of that book.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Islamic Banking in Bahrain

Bahrain will host on May 7 and 8, the second annual World Conference on Islamic Investment Funds and Capital Markets 2006, to be held under the theme of " Grasping Opportunities offered by Islamic Monetary Markets " in association with Al Tawfeeq Investment Funds Company, Al Baraka Banking Group, Al Amin Bank and Al Baraka Islamic Bank. Last year the first annual World Islamic Funds Conference was held also in Bahrain.

Participants from 20 countries have registered to attend the WIFC 2006.

Al Tawfeek Company for Investment Funds is a pioneer in the Shari’ah compliant funds and has launched more than 41 investment funds with assets over $3 billion since its establishment in 1992.

WIFC will identify new growth opportunities in the rapidly evolving Shari’ah-compliant funds market and expand the scope of focus into the highly dynamic and growing global Sukuk market and Islamic capital markets that is supported by the Bahrain Monetary Agency, said a statement.

A unique platform to engage senior decision-makers in the global Islamic funds and capital markets, the conference will ensure debate and analysis on the most topical issues in the market today in 11 sessions titled: The Regulatory & Business Open Forum; Realising the Full Potential of the Global Sukuk Market; Assessing Key Developments & Innovations in Islamic Funds; Global Perspectives on Islamic Funds; The Shari’ah Open Forum on Capital Markets & Investment Funds; Exploring New Opportunities & Tackling Challenges in Islamic Capital Markets; Capturing Growth Opportunities in Key Islamic Fund Sectors; Institutional Investors & End-Users RoundTable; Assessing Key Trends in Capital Markets; International Perspectives on the Development of Islamic Capital Markets; The Investment Funds & Capital Markets PowerTable 2006.

This year will also see the launch of the Islamic Capital Markets component alongside the World Islamic Funds Conference.

The World Islamic Funds & Capital Markets Conference has a dynamic and interactive structure, which encourages debate and active audience participation to facilitate rich substantive discussions between the expert international panelists and the international audience.

WIFC link

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