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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Palestine Hostile Entity

A senior Israeli government official has warned that the Palestinian Authority would define itself as a 'hostile entity' if the new Hamas-led government did not recognise Israel's right to exist.

Israeli authorities have given Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas 60 days to liquidate terrorist groups in Palestinian Authority, online edition of Ash Sharq Al Awsat informs.

USA wants Palestine Authority to return USD 50 million which Washington has given as aid after Israeli pullout of West Bank and Gaza Strip, online edition of TV station AlJazeera informs. US State Department official spokesperson Sean McCormack stated today Palestine authorities will return the money. US’s appeal is connected to program of stopping aid payments after parliamentary election victory of radical movement Hamas. Washington justifies its actions by stating they do not want to finance a government led by a radical organization, the publication states.

Speech of President Mahmoud Abbas For the Opening Session of the Second Palestinian Legislative Council, Full Text

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