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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Al-Qaida in the Palestine

Hamas said on Thursday that the movement had no intelligence information on al-Qaida cells in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip.

It is response to President Abbas words from interview published on Thursday with the London-based Arab daily el-Hayat: "We have signs of an al-Qaida presence in the West Bank and Gaza. The infiltration of al-Qaida can ruin the whole region," he said.

Salah Al-Bardaweil /Hamas spokesman in the Palestinian Legislative Council/ said if the things Abbas said were true, the matter must be handled immediately and with "special treatment."

"If it was true that al-Qaida is really here then Israel is the reason behind such parties, through its crimes against the good ones among the Palestinian people and striking any chance of peace, " he said.

Usama Hamdan, a spokesman for Hamas in Beirut told UPI that both sides were mistaken in their assessment of the situation. Hamdan said it is in Israel's interest to promote the rumor as it gives them an out as far as political agreements and it allows them to ignore agreements and to put the pressure back on the Palestinians.

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