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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Blue Voice Article

Just another point of view in case of "humanitarian interventions"
A lot of the articles in professional military journals are well worth reading, even for general audiences. It does take getting used to some jargon. The whole military has been going through an extended program called the "revolution in military affairs" (RMA), or "transformation". So lots of the articles work in references to "transformation", which as often as not seem to be just ritual use of the organization jargon.

The article, Humanitarian Intervention and the War in Iraq: Norms, Discourse, and State Practice by Eric Henze, appears in the Spring 2006 Army War College journal Parameters.

It takes a look at the concept of "humanitarian intervention" in terms of the classic precepts of Just War doctrine, and specifically in the context of the Iraq War. This article has one of the characteristics I find appealing in such writing, which is a refreshing directness. Take the first paragraph.

Full Article
The Blue Voice

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