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Monday, March 06, 2006

Egypt and Cartoons

Students at Cairo University in Egypt found a way how to respond to danish Muhammad cartoons accident. Students defend respect for religion with ...... their own satiric cartoons. Isn't egyptian way better than burning flags, destroying embassies and so on?

One showed a Danish strongman struggling to balance weights labeled "freedom of speech" and "respect for religion." Another showed a man wrapped in a Danish flag cowering before a giant made up of stick-figure Muslims carrying one another. The slogan: "We might look little, but if we unite, we can do something."

One of the biggest handwritten messages from Cairo students said, "If we talk about Jews, it's anti-Semitism. If we talk about blacks, it's racism. But if they insult Muhammad, it's freedom of expression. This is terrorism!"

"As Muslims, it is important for us to know how the West views us so we know how to respond," said Mustafa Mohammed, a 21-year-old egyptian law student. "As the prophet, peace be upon him, said: 'He who wants to be safe from a people knows their language.' "

"When I first saw the cartoons, I was so angry, but you can't show your anger in a nonpeaceful manner, like shooting embassies or killing each other," said Riham Nagi, 21, a political science student from Egypt who helped organize the display. "All the Egyptian students like this idea, but there are still some foreign students who come up and say it's a matter of freedom of speech. They still don't accept that it (making fun of the prophet) was wrong."

If freedom of speech has no limits, when we see all serious newspapers /that printed Muhammad cartoons/ start printing caricatures of for example holocaust, insane, seriously ill or handicaped people and so on ? It's not about freedom of speech it's about politeness. Almost anyone learned from parents that insulting other people is bad.

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