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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Egypt: Arrested For Eating Cheese

Very strange story about christian man arrested in Egypt for eating danish cheese. I don't think that story is true but here are words of the autor.

"Now, provided that this story is in fact true, I believe he was most probably arrested after arguing with his Muslim neighbors about Denmark. Afraid of religiously motivated communal tensions, the police just arrested the guy. He has been locked up for over 2 weeks, and according to the interview, his family are urging Christians in the diaspora to intervene and secure his release."

Mp3 with some voice isn't so great proof, maybe there will be some more serious media /I don't think Copts that don't like Egypt are serious source/, that will inform what happened in Egypt. And if there will be no serious source confirming this info, we can consider it as a fake.

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