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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Evidence against Iran

Show must go on. Do you remember funny artworks from Langley ? Colin Powell presented to whole world dangerous Weapons of Mass Destruction. Weapons were produced on some mysterious trucks /copyright CIA painters/.
Now new cartoons are coming. We have nice pictures of nuclear weapons from Iran. And those pictures are probably same danger as well remembered CIA trucks.

According to Time magazine, the US plans to present the UN security council with evidence that Iran is designing a crude nuclear bomb. The evidence will be in the form of blueprints that the US said were found on a laptop belonging to an Iranian nuclear engineer, and obtained by the CIA in 2004. However, any such presentation will bring back memories of a similar briefing in February 2003 in which Colin Powell, then US secretary of state, laid out evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which proved not to exist.

The computer also contains a Farsi-language powerpoint presentation with “catchy graphics,” the magazine said. “Other documents show a sphere-shaped array of tiny detonators. US officials say the design of the sphere — an outer shell studded with small chemical-explosive charges meant to detonate inward, which would squeeze an inner core of material into a critical mass — is akin to that of classic devices like fat man, the atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki during World War II,” it said.


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