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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Israel for safe surfing

Today is at Israel National Safe Internet Day. A “safe surfing” site has been launched by the israeli government, including information specifically directed to parents, children (aged 5-11) and youth (aged 12-17). Thousands of parents participated in the event, which highlighted the dangers of the Internet to children.

Israeli program was co-sponsored by amongst others: Microsoft Israel, the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture; the Finance Ministry; Smile Internet Zahav; the Israeli Police; and the IDF.

Search engine Google Israel, meanwhile, continued its rapid ascent in the local market, launching its news site in Hebrew, providing local news in the same format as its English site. The company officially launched its Israel office just two weeks ago with a strategic plan to expand its services on the Hebrew site, and followed that up with an announcement last week that it would build a Research & Development center in the israeli town Haifa.

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