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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Israel Water Superpower

Waterfronts Israel Water Alliance, on Wednesday presented its strategy to turn Israel into a "world water technology superpower."

Waterfronts will work to integrate government policy to assist in realizing the growth potential of Israel's water sector; to turn Israel's water industry into a brand recognized worldwide; to establish international standards related to advanced water technologies; to expand the activity of the Mekorot state water company into world markets; to encourage academic research, industry research and development, and professional training related to water technology; and to encourage applied innovation in water infrastructures based on Israeli water technology.

David Wanetick, Managing Director of The Wall Street Transcript, said "Israel is becoming a world leader in water management. Due to its population and industrial growth, scarcity and threats of having its water supply disrupted by Syria and Lebanon, Israel has been forced to become resourceful in its management of water."

Interesting facts about Israel's water management include:

-- Ashkelon, Israel is home to the world's largest operating desalination facility.

-- Despite its tiny geography, Israel's climate is representative of half the world's climates.

-- Israel has 31 desalination facilities and 1,200 wells. Israel recycles 75% of its water. The second largest water recycler is Spain, with 12% recycling. Israel's Water Commission anticipates that Israel will desalinate 20% of its water consumption by 2010.

-- Israeli venture capitalists are becoming more active in investing in water-related technologies. For instance, the Millennium Materials Technologies Fund is reported to have allocated at least $20 million to the water sector. Also, Kinarot

-- The Jordan Valley Technological Incubator, which is active in water investments, is being privatized.

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