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Monday, March 20, 2006

Israeli Gas Stations Revolution

As of April 2 of this year, the official price of fuel in Israel will be that offered at self-service pumps rather than full-service gas stations.

The new measure will lower gas prices and will force full-service stations to offer the discounted self-service rate. In addition, stations that do not offer a self-service pump would not be able to charge extra for nighttime, holiday, or Shabbat fueling.

Currently, the vast majority of israeli gas stations offer full service only.

"The revolution of self service operated petrol stations is the start of a new age for the petrol industry in Israel," said Eli Ronen, director general of the National Infrastructures Ministry. "There is no doubt that the new era will increase competition of petrol prices leading to a drop in fuel prices."

The self-service move is part of a larger plan that seeks to reduce the number of large filling stations in the center of Israel's cities, replacing them with numerous small stations that will be required to comply with stricter environmental standards.

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