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Monday, March 13, 2006

Israeli plan to attack Iran

The Israeli media was dominated by one story on Friday — comments made by Israel’s former military chief of staff concerning Iran's nuclear programme. Speaking at the Hudson Institute in Washington, Moshe Ya'alon suggested that Israel is well-equipped to attack Iran and has the means to defend itself against possible missile attack /more info about israeli anti-ballistic system /.

Arrow Israeli Anti-ballistic Aystem

Moshe Ya'alon added that Israel has the ability to launch a pre-emptive strike that could set back Iran's nuclear programme for years. He said that a single attack would not be sufficient, and that Israel was not limited to air strikes, a possible reference to submarine-fired missiles.

There is a precedent for a pre-emptive strike, the Israeli air force destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1981. Whether or not the former army chief's comments were authorized, Israel has sent a tough message to Iran and the international community, that there is a military option.

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