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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Palestine says no to Zawahiri

New rulers of Palestine don't want support from Al-Quaeda. Strange, many media suggested that they are allies ?

Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal said the movement had "its own vision" and did not need al-Qaeda's advice.

A Hamas official in Gaza, said: "Hamas believes that Islam is completely different to the ideology of Mr. al-Zawahiri."

Zawahiri urged Hamas to "continue the armed struggle" and reject agreements signed between its predecessors in government and Israel, describing them as "surrender accords".

He called on Muslims in "Palestine, Iraq and everywhere else... [to] be wary of the new American game entitled the 'political process'", alluding to recent elections.

Meshaal informed, "The movement always acts in the interests of the Palestinian people, and makes any changes to its strategy only after careful deliberation."

Zawahiri said the Palestinian Authority had betrayed its people
Chief Hamas legislator Mahmoud al-Zahhar denied his movement had "walked into a US trap" by participating in the Palestinian elections.

"Entering these institutions does not mean that we will be a carbon copy of other factions," he told al-Jazeera.

Mahmoud Zahar, a Hamas leader, told Al-Jazeera his group was elected through its moderate approach to Islam, which did not compare to al-Qaeda's exclusionary tactics.

“We are not a movement that labels people infidels or that abandons them. We are a movement that lives the realities of the people and that uses wisdom ... to turn them to Islam,” he said.

“When Hamas entered parliament, it did so under the slogan: Islam is the solution. When the people decided to vote for it, they believed that Islam can solve their economic, social and political problems as well their military battles against the occupation.”

He said Hamas has proved through its good behavior and its resistance to the occupation “that it is fit to be the leader of this street.”

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