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Monday, March 06, 2006

Palestine:Hamas Attempting Coup

Winner of parliamentary elections in Palestine Hamas is taking more power to his hands. They are reducing new powers /that Fatah on the last session of old parliament - after elections - awarded him/ of Palestine prezident Abbas. Fatah tried to limit Hamas, but it look like that Hamas do not want to take it easy.

Hamas has 74 seats in the new Palestine parliament and Fatah just 45, and the first order of business for Hamas was to cancel the powers the outgoing parliament gave to Abbas, the Fatah leader, authorizing him to cancel laws passed by the new parliament and appointing Fatah officials to key positions.

Fatah legislators stormed out of the parliament building before the end of the session in protest. So changes were very easy to make

With its absolute majority, Hamas can also set up Palestine government by itself, but Hamas leaders prefer to bring in other parties, partly to deflect international criticism and threatened economic sanctions because of Hamas' record of violence and refusal to recognize Israel.

What Fatah expected ? They changed law after lost elections, to keep at least a bit power in their own hands. They probably thought that Hamas will be so stupid and do not want to change this.

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