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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bahrain Cinema and Code

Controversial movie Da Vinci Code gets it's screening at Bahrain. Dana Mall is the only cinema complex in the country showing the film and is anticipating a huge demand for tickets.

Bahrain Ministry of Information approved that movie. The movie will be shown not only in Bahrain but also in Qatar, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates

Bahrain has an estimated 140,000 Catholics from countries around the world living here and Sacred Heart Church parish Thomas Quadros and Kerala Catholic Association president Sevi Mathunny were among those to speak out against the film.

They argued it would upset people and rejected the suggestion that banning the film would affect freedom of expression.

Another controversial religious film, The Passion of Christ, was banned in Bahrain last year on the grounds that it was against Islam because it depicted a prophet (Jesus).

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Bahrain Chess Honoured

Bahrain's national chess team members, the Ayyad brothers Maher and Hussain, and Shaker Al Afoo qualified as Federation Masters at the World Chess Olympiad which concluded in Turin, Italy.

Maher and Hussain were given this title following their impressive performance at the Olympiad. Al Afoo was also given this title after his good results at the previous edition of the Olympiad in Moscow.

Bahrain team's veteran captain Ali Al Ghasra was named Candidate Master, a new title which was created at this competition.

Delegation head and Bahrain Mind Sports Association president Adel Al Asoomi dedicated this achievement to the Kingdom's leadership.

Meanwhile, the association will organise Bahrain ranking tournament for juniors aged between eight and 20 commencing on Wednesday at its premises in Muharraq. The event is part of the association's preparations to form a junior Bahrain team for the upcoming tournaments this summer.

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